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Ole Kristian Temte (born september 23th in 1975) is a Norwegian racecar driver.
Born and raised in the south of Norway he early found an interest in Rallycross. It all started at Lyngås Motorbane where his father took him to watch the European Rallycross championship in the golden 80`s.

As late as 2009 Ole Kristian was invited to participate at a club race for KNA-Eiker and that was the very start of one rocket career in rallycross.


A few years later the childhood dream became a reality as he entered the world of Supercars. Since then you have seen him in both European and the World championships

Nothing means more than our fans and supporters..!

Ole Kristian had his first season in a Supercar back in 2015 when he bought Morten Bermingruds old Citroen C4 WRX


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