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The C4 is up for sale

2009 Citroen C4 Supercar 
2012 Engine RCd1 Oreca Magny Cours 
Two owners:
Morten Bermingrud/Ole KristianTemte 
ECU: Magneti Marelli 
Gearbox: 6 speed Sadev seq. 
Diffs: X-trac 
Garrett WRC Turbo 0.95 - New from Oreca 2017 
Suspension: Øhlins 
AP brakes - new discs 
Alcon Carbon cluth (3 plates) 
WRC Double Carbon Wing 

Used in the FIA European Rallycross Championship  2017 

Spares: (After agreement) 
Gear box - newly maintained 
Both diffs - newly maintained 

Engine maintained by Oreca since new
(big rebuild 2017) 
Ready to race FIA European championship
(with new ECU also the WRX)

Citroën C4 WRX Supercar

Ole Kristian Temte Norwgian Rallycross Team CitroenC4 Supercar FIA World RX
Division: Supercar (Division1) 4 WD
Model: 2009
Engine: Oreca Magny Cours Motorsport 2012
WRC Garrett Turbo w/ 45mm restrictor
BHP: Approx 550 HP / 800 NM
Gearbox: Sadev 6-speed seq.
Suspension: Øhlins
Diffs: X-Trax
 A supercar is an ultimate racecar by the addition of turbocharged, two-litre, 600bhp engines and four-wheel drive. They accelerate from 0-60mph (100km/h) in 1.9 seconds – faster than an F1 car
Ole Kristian Temte Norwegian Rallycross Team Stilo Helmet Supercar Driver Raccardriver
Ole Kristian Temt Norwegian Rallycross Team Citroen C4 Supercar Oreca Motorsport Group Engine Turbo Garrett
Ole Kristian Temte Norwegian Rallycros Team Subaru STI Type R 4WD Rally WRC

2015 - Subaru Impreza STI-Type R

Klasse: IceRX, Track, Racing 4WD
Model: 1998
Engine: Ej20K, Garret GT2871R Turbo
VI-PEC Fuel injection
Deatscwerks 850 Fuel nozzle
BHP: 342(276) / 343NM.
Weight: 1150kg.
Gear: 5-speed DCCD
Diffs: Subaru R180


Type                            Citroën

Model                          C4 RX Supercar

Country                      France

Year                            2009


Type                            Oreca Straight-four engine with turbocharger and intercooling 

Year                            2012

Displacement            2,128 cc

Power output            N/A

Turbo                         Garrett WRC 0.95

Air restrictor            45 mm (FIA regulation)

Engine control         Magneti Marellii

Power transmission                                                                                                                 

Gearbox                     Sadev Sequential racing gear box, longitude mounted    

Gears                          6                                   

Diffs                           X-trac slip differentials, front and rear

Clutch                        Alcon hydraulically actuated carbon triple-disk 

Other                         Permanent four-wheel drive



Dampers                    3-Way Öhlins

Steering                     Sellholm servo

Braking system        AP Racing ventilated disc brakes 

Wheels Size               17"

Tyres                          Cooper/Avon  competition tyres


Minimum weight     1,300 kg


Acceleration              0–100 km/h in approx. 2 seconds

Top speed                   190 km/h appox (depending on gear ratio)


2018 - Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V

Klasse: Division1, Rallycross 4WD
Model: 1998
Engine: 2.0l. 4G63 Turbo - Autronic SM3
BHP: 500 
Gear: 5-speed Drenth (Geatronics Gearcut)

Ole Kristian Temte Norwegian Rallycross Team Volv S30 EVO Supernational

2014 / 2015 - Volvo S40 RX - OK Motorsport edition

Klasse: Supernasjonal klasse 3/RCN2
Modell: 2007 - Nybgyd 2012/2013
Motor: 3.0l-16V Motordesign 
Ytelse: 350HK /38 kg
Girkasse: M45000 Sellholm
Understell: Øhlins /IGMAB
Sperre: Finne 5,43 Bremser: Willwood Superlite
Vekt: 1240 ink Dekk:215/225-17" Avon/Cooper

2013 - Volvo S40 Rallycross - OK Motorsport edition

Klasse: RCN kl.1 / Supernasjonal

Modell: 2007 - Nybygd 2012/2013
Motor: 2.4l Evo

Ytelse: 252HK (286) / 27kg.
Girkasse: Sellholm M45 Dogbox
Understell: Øhlins
Sperre: Finne 5,43
Bremser: Wilwood Superlite
Vekt: 1030 kg.  (ca.1150 kg. ink. fører+vekter)

2009-2012  Volvo 242 - OK Motorsport edition

Rallycross nasjonal - kl.1
Modell: 1983/ Nybygd:2010/2011

Motor: 2,4liter B230/531topp

Ytelse: Motor: Ca.220 HK/ 24 kg.

Girkasse: Sellholm M45 Dogbox

Understell: Sellholm 50mm

Sperre: Finne 5,43

Bremser: Wilwood

2008 - Opel Corsa 88 Rally

1600 ccm , 175 HK

Vekt: ca. 720 kg.

Mahle Stempel og Råder - >Lettet og balansert

Portet topp - Lettet svinghjul

Alu. 20 literfasongsydd bensintank (under gulv bak)

Tettsteget GSI-F16, 5 trinns girkasse

Store GSI-Bremser foran

Bilstein justerbare dempere foran - 40mm

Justerbar overliggende kamaksel - OHC -

2 x Doble weber 45 forgasser

Ole Kristan Temte Norwegian Rallycross Team Model Gridgirl Pitbabe Highheels Supercar FIA WorldRX
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