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BOOM!! Recap 2018 
by Mark HU

There`s no easy way out

Compilation video 2017

Straight to the top
Early compilation Video 2017

We had a blast with Edvard & Maria Høili at Hebbes ice track - Check it out:

For more videos:

The Norwegian Championships finale 2015

We was on a surprising third place in the championship in our first supercar season when it was time for the last race at the Momarken racetrack-
Though the medal was in our pocket things started to happen.  We was last out in the two first starts (Normally were one of the best starters)
When this was sorted out something happened to the engine and we lost power.
Still we only needed fourth place or better in the B-final to secure the medal,but then another driver decided it was not to be that way. Check out the full B-finale at Momarken here:

Arvika SM/NM 2015

We put togheter a little compilation video from the event in Arvika, Sweden
The clip contains the crash,that almost took us out of the competition, with another Norwegian good guy driver Øyvind Finstad.

The spotters voice belongs to our good friend Alexander Hvaal who really knows the meaning of the phrase: ‪#‎nevergiveup‬

After the crash in the second heat we barely came back on the track and with big damage on the right rear suspension and wheel - but with lots of luck and good spotting we managed to climb to fifth place overall and it also brought us up to third place in the Norwegian championship ,wich would be decided at Momarken later on

Exhibition at Gulskogen shopping mall in Drammen, Norway with Andreas Bakkerud and Steve Røkland 

Ole Kristian first test ever in Supercar - Morten Bermingrud Citroen C4
April 2015 - NMK Grenland, Skien

Exhibition in Hokksund city June 2014 With Volvo S40 - Free for passengers

First test with  brand new Kent Karlsson, Motordesign AB 3.0 litre EVO, 16valve -engine in Volvo S40
Norwegian hillclimb championship at Vikersund april 2014. Almost 400BHP - RWD

The crash 4th of september 2010 at Lyngås,Norway were Ole Kristian injured his left arm
Car: Volvo 240
It may not look so bad on the video but it left Ole Kristian with several broken bones in the left arm and hand. His wrist got badly damaged for life and it took eight months to get back into the car.
What basicly happend was BOTH competitors in front of him forgot the joker lap and this was the last lap. He knew second place was secured and tried to push - Suddenly the white Vauxhall decided to try the joker after after all - but it was to late..The rest is on the video.

Free practice at the local track, Hakavik Motorbane in the summer of 2010 - Volvo 240 - Last time in the car before the accident at Lyngås some days later

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